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Plate XI: "Cracked Glass"



ACT XI: The Funny Mirrors (Aeon)



- In which the boy encounters a fractured hall of glass and the perspectives of self


"In the fun house warped mirrors strike odd conversations with the self. Shards of silver choose odd angles of place to glimmer out of broken eyes. All is not as it seems, yet each picture is a valid point of view. I grimace and leer to my freakish twin, lampooning its reflective deformity. Yet as I laugh, it glowers back with queries borne of some other plane. In an instant, I know they are I. The images are perspectives on my soul, beaming from every crevice of time and space.


"Ask not who I am now, for glassy panes have broken my soul into a thousand strings. Ask instead who I am now, and now, and now, and now again . . . never once and for all, but always here and now. For as mirrors move and reflect the changes of season, so too does my soul dance in the warm glow of time.


"I am the one

And I am the every.

I am the sun,

I am the earth.

I am the moon in

pale blue sky.

The funny mirrors

Are together not

A house of fractured glass,

But an immense picture gallery

Reflecting the obscene, the holy,

The mundane, the insane,

Refracting joy, pain, love, and hate

All in turns of the light,

Subtle plays on the personality

Of always.

Together: no one.

A heavenly hall of the living and gone

Humanity trapped in a single moment,

Trapped in the subtle possibilities of my fate."

"And in realizing I am only one,

And yet the everyone:

I am set free

From the pain of spectating mirrors."

Mirrors shatter and fall to the ground, powerful forms broken to primordial melted glass. The boy moves to the final room.